Last Impressions of the Epson 7900

The amazingly beautiful prints that come from the Epson 7900 purchased Dec 2008 (First Impressions), now come at a steep price. The printer clogs like bastard and it takes days of attention and ink cartridges to get it to print. This is not as much of a problem of a print shop running the printer non-stop. But leave it for three weeks and try to print again.

There is an amazing blog at Luminous Landscape of fellow Epson 7900 owners unable to get Epson to fix the FW or the mechanical issues that cause the print head to clog.  The “solution” requires methods that consume vast quantities of ink and paper and may take weeks.

At any rate, my 7900 is for sale. You’ll see it on Craig’s list for half price. It print’s beautifully, I just don’t have the time to stoke it for my occasional print schedule.



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