Content Experiences

Some observations. After writing two decades of code, it is time to write content.

I’ve been working many years on a book that I self-published – bit-wise via BookBaby and atom-wise through Amazon’s CreateSpace. (A book in a series about Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life).  As a former pre-press professional, I have a lot to say about the creation process, comparative publishing, pricing and all, but on the whole I am relatively pleased. Bookbaby is strictly a publisher for eReaders and they take a book into half a dozen e-formats and most importantly e-stores. Biggest complaint at this point is the delay in getting the book onto the iPAD.

If you want a modern software position, you must bow down to the Agile management method. The wisdom of the Agile Process is documented well by User Interface Magnate Alan Cooper. If you don’t have the talent to figure out the product in the first place, this iterative method will bring you to a satisfactory camel designed by a committee end – everyone smiling, though not necessarily the customer.

People and machines interact to mediate and stash their content over the Internet into portals ranging from FaceBook to Goodreads to YouTube. The mediation of your personality  is everywhere mirrored and mosaiced.

Building a good-old fashioned web site used to be easy. Apple pulled iDisk and iWeb hosting. GoDaddy will give you space at a fair rate. What tool to use. FrontPage is clunky and Dreamweaver is extremely buggy. What to do…