Good Morning IPAD

Lines are good for you. There are good lines and bad lines and I respected the 300 person deep Apple line by finagling a business consultation, the only business being the first one in the timezone to get an IPAD. In at 8:59 out at 9:24.

Experience captured in Video (3:30 mino)

“Gorgeous! The touch is extremely seductive! Just beautiful!” … My wife reminds me I am talking about her, right? Anyway that’s the call- in  minutes from breaking the wrapper and having my “out of the box” experience conducted in the temple of the Apple store. The device is a bit heavier than expected which is a must for these portable times. Long live the battery!

Certainly the 64 GB WiFi IPAD is the best Internet viewer ever. It feels faster than my fastest Mac. Having a 802.11n router behind the curtains is the best way to feel the power and the magnificence and the mighty awes. But wow – the lack of Flash is starting to hurt – I just wanted to catch up on an HBO sidebar – well maybe not the whole Internet.

Audio. It takes dictation, plays great sound, though the speakers are not stereo separated.

GPS – Maps works fine using your WiFi connection. And great news! I drove to work with my MiFi Verizon personal hot spot. The built-in Maps app charted the way exactly!  It pings about every 20 seconds or so.

The iPad is awesome for reading the internet. Books not so much.

The presentation of the New York Times is far superior to the pages in an iBook. In fact if the NYT published books using the Safari web engine – it might be commercially viable, for it is certainly more satisfying to read.  Pinching open and closed web news was possible on iPhone but it is positively exhilarating on the iPad. The web uses a mix of crisp fonts and complex layouts. Why does not the beauty of the page carry forward into the iPad books?  That iPad books can be read in the dead of night is about even with the Kindle that can take a dead-on hit of sunlight.

iPAD vs Kindle
The little things, Apple failed to build the iBook app in. Downloading iBook is easy enough; you have to turn books on in iTunes. The big things. Viewing iBook pages. iBook gives you a free Winnie the Poo. You can download free sample chapters from the store. You can download free books like gad – the entire works of Shakespeare from  The gadget-awful truth is that the Apple book engine makes text look juvenile. Now the Apple Nav UI is far superior than Kindle. But the Kindle screen is finer, for long reading easier on the eyes. You cannot read the iPad in direct sunlight. Most importantly the typography and layout a Kindle book runs rings around Apple. It is shocking to purchase a $10+ professionally published digital book presented in one cartoon font. Changing a publisher’s font is like changing the New York Times to Comic Book Sans, ok on March 32nd. Changing sizes is ok, but gee isn’t the font the voice of the author?

By the way, how do you make and add your own book?


Apps load like lightning sting like a bee. best iPad app? Once you  hold Star Walk to the sky, you will never let your iPad go.

Remote (iphone app) is a great way to control Itunes/Airtunes around the house.

Personal Content- Good syncing, organization and interaction with pictures. OK I have to go back now and build some picture frame rolls. Great picture scrubbing and Apple has made it so you can sort by faces, events, places.

Video – Awesome. Simply awesome, both streaming YouTube and loaded video.

Tips so far – If you write long matter, (I just bought Pages) get the small Apple wireless keyboard – sync with Settings->BT On and pair it. The Apple iPad KBD shown in the launch videos is not ready for sale yet. Pages documents are not quickly sharable.  Email is good to transmit drafts. iDisk is better or some kind of a back to myIPad app. Apple is experimenting with iWork fileshare that is not ready for primetime, and would be better off unified with iDisk.

— mrb 5:50pm PST