Snow Leopard not printing Epson 7900

Installed Apple’s new Snow Leopard at my print studio. I could not print on my Epson 7900. I sent my first print thinking “Ahh Snow Leopard – the latest and greatest”, then up pops some new printer dialog with dumbed down driver values that did not make sense. And 0 bytes went over the wire. I will save you the curses and hours – here is the fix.

  1. As Epson says,  go back to your Snow Leo disk to the optional package and install ONLY Rosetta.
  2. Reinstall the latest Epson printer drivers. They don’t say that, but you will not get a print without it.
  3. Reboot. They don’t say that, and you may not have to. But it is good voodoo.
LATER NOTE: EPSON has some lag catching up with the MAC OS releases.

The hum in the background is my 7900 working away. Apple get it right! Make an OS installer for the rest of us artists.