The New Personal Art


raw thoughts unstrung:

Custom tennis shoes. Personal photography. Karaoke. Personal clothing, pictures and songs are part of the world of personal recipes, personal restaurant tip sheets, personal hand marks, signs, bookmarks. Then there are personal ethics, personal saviors, personal religion.

Internet of a hundred thousand pictures a week, a million radio stations streaming, ten million blogs changing weekly, one hundred million daily voices. Layers, transparencies, textures of language, overlays of culture. An event is mediated by ten thousand photographers. Tens of thousands of videos, audios, text (blogs) carry the message to the rest of the world. All are resampled, remixed and mashed up. A band called God uses all the languages of the Earth in one  line after another.  Singers in one line speak in Japanese, gangster English, French, Swedish, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and back. What do you call that art?

With so much digital media around the largest movement in aesthetics  is the editing. Cutting, framing, overlaying, forming transparencies and building fine multiple overtones. With personal choice it is looking more and more like personal magical editing ritual is the difference, because the source is the same for most.  Does this not put greater value on the source, the making? Or is it as Buckminster Fuller said – mankind no longer needs to mine the Earth, there is plenty on the surface – only a recycling strategy counts. Not editing but a meltdown to be reborn.

As The Medium is the Message, Mcluhan would say your autobiography is no different from Moses, Jesus, or Mohammed. Life is the message. The difference is the sanctimonious message and your life is that one has had a chance to embellish your moral code, pause on the mythology of your work, trumpet your psychological struggles. Someday everyone will have their own personal church. A grand personal philosophy, an art movement, your Blue period, your Romantic group, your Classical era, your expressive experimentalism, the morph of good luck to a personal religious symbol. It is all there, lived but unwritten, untold. One’s reverence another’d. There are the hearsayers, observers, appreciators, lovers, believers, fans, fanatics?  In the end, culture is what you choose to repeat. Although propagation strategies count, the recipe for the repetition of free unexplored life has eluded our many races and religions who resound and enforce that they know it all. The value is fundamentally on your person, you as the source. Your presence is the vital value. In fact it is your valued life that distinguishes you from the monotheistic sagas insisting you are worthless in the site of their Lord.

What was once His became his then yours then mine. History is his story and mine is the future. Over time we tire of having in our head only the “great song” ethed in by mega-hearings. Who has their own song inside? That is the new personal art that values the raw unworshipped person. The real person is of all potential.

There are many Darwinian branches of the culture tree broadcasting media they would have us believe. The same told stories of the fathers had nothing to do with their actual lives. Certainly not of their sons – for no religion has succeeded to caste the correct moral disposition of familyhood. In fact children naturally defy religious conversion – the rite of the dying soul, the soul that has lost its way, simply forgotten its childhood. The umph of your young character is the only protection you have from attack of religion.

Certainly most people have an equally potent set of life forming challenges. The story gets told, converted to metaphor and wisdom only later.

The poetry of our gate, our subtle dance, even walking down the sidewalk is your own, savor it because noone will see your  walking. You will see only the music in your lover’s walk. Individuals are busy being born, preferable to the being dying.

Where the new personal art leads is to push aside the trash and pave ahead with your every growing child-self.

So the tourist is only good if as a traveler they create places for people to travel to as interesting as they have seen.

This is the personal art. The art of being a person.