The Tube vs the Tube

Media students observe at TVNewser that “ generated 1.1 million video streams in the first 24 hours, making the Powell interview which included an endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama, the program’s most-watched individual video stream ever.” (What was the second and third?)

Media questions here for Jeff Jarvis or other media schools. What recorded stream format works best? preroll, post roll, 30 second interstitials after 5 minutes view. How does this compare to  commercial TV – 3 minute ads to 13 minute views. They are both tube media, but the Internet can be instantaneous. And what of small tube media – faster intervals and short bits still. It is that on the Internet the frequency of publishing and feedback is instantaneous. Long production cycles are not meaningful to this medium.


Articulation and Artiface

Jeff Jarvis is stimulating a discussion on the new definition for Article on the Internet. Appreciate that the high speed, highly connected, multiple media art form allows for communicators to assemble all manners of link and node. Jeff is pushing this. But articulation is not there yet.  Articulate media takes reflection and composure to turn into a program worth having an audience. The journalistic effort that Dwight MacDonald marveled is learning that “Everything on the same topic should go into the same place.” (Discriminations). In rapid Internet meshes of reportage and observation and opinion, we see elements of a conversation emerge. It is exciting to see this present and future tension – adding to Jeff’s #2 query,  Jan Chipchase who travels the world discovering and reporting the artifaces of the world by blogpicturing for Nokia design.