The Quest for University

I CHOOSE TO LIVE A LIFE OF DESIGN.  My thoughts. That is why I have my iPhone. Especially having enjoyed the silvery MacBook Pro after struggling with an XP for years and imagining the hellishly complex life of Vista to come. Vista, that’s work. There, me and my IT department (all use Macs) fritter away investor resources on the convolutions of Microsoft and Intel OEMs that marginally interact for my benefit.

I choose my home life to be Apple. A life by design. Something I love to touch. Something rich in experience. Apple combines what Microsoft and Dell cannot. Full media, cameras, software smoothly integrated at the highest bar design point. Apple hardware. Mac OS X. People want “the Apple experience”. If I told you I was going to give you the “Microsoft experience” – well that would be rude. The new Apple really began with iPods for iTunes, well studied by media instructor Jeff Jarvis. The core purpose of iPhone and iPods he writes, is about enabling personal conversation. To teach conversation, a necessity for the Web 2.0 era, comes ironically from the ancient curriculum, once necessary for a cultured people – oratory. It has always been about finding your own voice. Invoked today as Rhetoric 2.0, the new universe must  span realtime digital media, the principles of media, interaction sciences, and all the arts. Poetics and poetry again.


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