Qualcomm’s 7th BREW conference is being celebrated tonight in the cool breeze on the aircraft carrier Midway and the  girl’s dream band, Goo-Goo Dolls pounding as I nerd this note out and Kevin taking the picture. Earlier Paul Jacobs showed the prototype lowcost communication computer today at the keynote. Kind of looked like one of those 1970’s shoebox cell phones with a big antenna. BREW 4.1 coming with multithreading, and a task switcher just like Windows. I would like Apple to take over BREW, the greatest comms API on the planet, and put it on the right design path for Apple developers to make great applications.

On Day 2 it is becoming clear that BREW has become quite fluffy. Gone are the long futuristic presentations from Japan and Finland – in broken English, but with much more savy content, and insight into the shape of things to come, than the smiley shiney presentations of incremental progress that rule this show. 

You can learn more about LBS/GPS ideas, and the shape of the industry at Where 2.0/Google than the provincial technical and panel presentations at BREW. It has become quite dull. This is kind of a paradox as Qualcomm is all about delivering the promise of direct community on the wireless Internet.

 Also compare Apple’s iPhone demo presentations with Qualcomm.’s BREW looks ratty and small, largely because they still use Elmo’s and Apple has thought a bit more about how to show a phone with a direct cable out and a small inset for the user. Thinking ab bit more, Apple has just one phone, while BREW has to support hundreds. This is a great flaw, as Qualcomm is in the Microsoft position of supporting hordes of phones. Noone tries to exceed or excel in mobile user experience. While Apple is alligning itself to Internet, realtime user content, and a direct peer community, Qualcomm stays alligned with console-think and not offending the carrier interest of publishing and broadcast.

Imagine Applers watching these big suit executives ranting, raving, and chortling about their hard to see, hard to operate mobile phone applications. The Apple 1984 commercial redone –  smaller  lemmings rapt at the big screen shwoing small screens of carrier choices satified by ancient technology. I await the olympic woman in red shorts crashing the show, but for now – an iPhone guided tour will do (7 days away).


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