Apple WWDC2007 – The Platfone

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Moscone West, all three floors are covered in black drapes. In the dark auditorium, a white apple bite is spotted as 5,000 gather for the keynote. It begins with a fake Steve Jobs movie done by the I’m a PC, I’m a Mac team, stating Apple computer had closed for business because Vista was doing so well and the Zune was shutting down the iPod. But Mac put him in his place. See the blow by blow at Engadget.

Steve Job’s show begins celebrating Intel’s Paul Botellini. His job award is for transitioning Apple to Intel (PC?) and working on next generation products. Then some games awards highlights.

Mac OSX has 22million users. 2/3 use Tiger. Leopard to ship in October with 300 features. Here are 10. And by ten, Steve is the only CEO I know of today who can passionately and clearly explain his product. Each and every feature. And then go run the feature himself. No demonstrators.

1. New Desktop improvements, with stacks, downloads.
2. New finder – searches other computers, shared computers, coverflow – a carousel with semi loader. The .mac server hosts the changing IP addresss of all your computers.
3. Quick Look – File previews.
4. 64 Bit goes mainstream – app – Cocoa. Necessary for large picture, video handling.
5. Core Animation – Automatic animation, scene of layers – large fields of images can be brought center stage.
6. BootCamp – runs Windows and Vista. Parrallels & vmware will also run in parallel
7. Spaces – Can group applications to help work flow. (Like Rooms) Can switch between each space.
8. Dashboard – 3,000 widgets. Added movie time widgets. WebClip lets you make a widget out of most Internet sites. Point at the areas and say make it as a widget – kind of a web rss feed. Dashcode- used for making widgets.
9. iChat – Apple photobooth compete with Myface. iChat Theater. Moving backdrops.Photoface inserts.
10. Time Machine – Storing our digital lives. Like to solve problems in such a simple way that everyone actually uses it. Has a UI to look and restore files. Good for selling more home file servers. Free copy of Leopard  10.5 for everyone. Safari browser 5%. Now on XP and Vista. Twice as fast.

iPhone launches June 29 6pm. Has Safari inside. Web2.0+ Ajax work same as on iPhone. Instant distribution from you internet server. Run securely on iPhone. No SDK – use modern standards.  Scott Forstall VP iPhone SW.  Two finger touch display. But alas no discounted or free phone. MacOS X State of the Union – Functional->Ease->Amazing

Apple sees three Platforms

  1. Desktop is home – performance and responsive, connective to peripherals, trusted.
  2. Web is a pub – connected to all things, platform independent, standards based.
  3. Media is passive theater – reaches wides range of devices. narrative experience. Story telling. Limited interactive.

Not sure whre this fits in the above. The iPhone brings the real web. The SDK for developers is entirely via the Web using the Apple Safari Browser and the WebKits Open Source tools. Just announced is the Windows Safari 3.0 and the Web Kit for it. This runs on Windows and iPhone.  iPhone is the always connected via Edge & WiFi. The phone will Rotate image as you rotate phone. TAPI – Tel: URL tag. Developers need to know Web Standards, 3.5 inch diagonal, Your finger is not a mouse.

Day2 – 9am begins with Gorilla and Beck. 8 tracks to follow an impossible task. Limited coverage, keeping much of this private. But here are general notes for further development.

Dashcode makes dashboard widgets. Kind of a modern Hypercard, good javascript debugger, download headstart, use a drop zone. But no database – that critical key Hypercard integrated so well. Safari has the webkit css additions border, box-shadow
Widgets are simplified gauges of interest.
Widgets are good for often used functions.
Widgets bring core web presence on the desktop.
Dashcode has manual and code generation features; convert hlinks to buttons; use parts library
Put preferences on back of widget. Things that don’t get changed much.
Synching preferences  – widget.onsync is a javascript handler. Put exceptions in SyncExclusions.

iPhone – No 3G, No Flash, No File System, No Camera, No Audio, No Emulator, No file upload, No WML, No Transcoding, No @print, No Scroll, No Resize
iPhone is 2″x3″ 160 pix inch – or 480×320 3.5 inch diagonal. Edge pipe (80kbps) is smaller han Wifi pipe
Your finger is not a mouse.
Standards – Watch HTML5, WHATWG,, CS3, W3C
10MB phone resource segment limits. Javascript 5 second watchdog.
Gestures: clickables, scrollables, 2 finger scroll, pinch zoom, pan

Movie servers – H264, AAC 30fps stream – Can skip through stream – Servers must have byte-range request/ content-range/ partial-range support. <Embed src=poster.jpg  href = \>. Lots of <link media > tags.
New QuickTime Player Pro Movie Exporter
Movie to iPhone (Wifi) 1 MBit
Movie to iPhone (Cellular) 80 Kbps
Desktop (high rates)
Let user agent decide the reference movie –
Apple Tool: MakeRefMovie coming soon.

TAPI – <a href=”tel:xxxxx” mce_href=”tel:xxxxx”\> Safari will scan for phone numbers and create Tapi links on the fly.
Best Practises: Convert your text links to buttons. Keep CSS separate from web page. Avoid Framesets. Use short column text – this helps double tap. Any will convert to on board google client.

Animation is App and Core
Keyframes on a path, animation groups, core image filters, transitions, content types, usage tips. Lists -> Editable Snakes in motion.
[[view animator] setFrame:rect]; this triggers the animator to take over the view method.
Layer backed views – are rendered and the can have effects, shadows, masks
[view setWantsLayer:YES]; Will create subtrees. Very intricate animations – all runable from Mac. Get’s me thinking how shabby the PC world is. With Mac graphics acceleration, cameras and mics are all built in – for everyone.

Best Mac Apps
Widget- pendas calculator
Best Experience – ease of use, elegant, forgiving, can accomplish alot


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