Where Day 2


The day opens late, so I am reading about Microsoft’s Surface Tabletop PC in the Tribune. OK here we go.

Tim Foresman presents the  Intelligent Design of the Earth Operating System to take off on his own Al Gore-like flights of enviro-projection based on his work heading NASA’s digital earth. DEX – Digital Earth Exchange. Many good quotes from Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Buckminister Fuller 1963 for the Earth huggers.

ESRI Bernard Szukalski talks about providing content and capabilities. Spatial tools and GIS models are now published as WMS or KML services. With ARC GIS Server, the ESRI planet dials through GIS map content. Then slices a line to compute terrain altitude profiles. Then over to Google Earth, Maps and MS Virtual Earth – all the same data, but the ESRI servers do all the application computation and return the results as plume graphics. The AdobeFlex2 API shows very dynamic data set and time set grouping over maps, also now being used MapQuest.

David Colleen of Planet 9 demos one of 70 city models, here San Fran in hi-rez streets, buildings and interiors. www.web3d.org X3D-earth open source. They own the original name Virtual Earth. Announcing the Raygun multiworld model, kind of a 1st gen Metaverse, Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash 1992.

Yahoo Maps, Jeremy Kreitler talks of geospatial data, paraphrased as data that knows what to do when it meets a map. Y!Local 3 million ratings and reviews over 2 years and using API and GeoRSS. Flickr has 20 million geotagged photos used by 28 million users. Provide Geocoder API. Y!Pipes simple mashup tool.

Steve Coast, OpenStreetMap is a free Wiki map of the world – open and editable. 7,000 users creating a map of the world. European mostly. Open tagging for street names. Corporate campus are typically unmapped.

Swivel – Viznu & Tao.
Liberate data on the Internet. Users go to Google and upload PDF data that Swivel scans and normalizes and creates graphs. Showed Swivel G with exports data in KML to Google earth.

Send to Car – Dash Navigation – Draw maps with your tires.
Mark Williamson, Eric Klein, Senior Director, Product Marketing,
Dash provides, they claim, the first connected navigation device in the US. Wifi + GPRS + GPS in motion. Uses geolocated data into the car. 230 million cars in US 7% have GPS. Portable Navigation Devices (PND) 4 million today. Realtime traffic is the killer app as Mapquest points out. The Dash box has a realtime traffic model for all major cities. When you drive, your stats are being uploaded. But a community of drivers around you will let you know if things are bad. Community-based traffic probes enhance the value of the community. We think this will enrich base map data. Dash drivers provide new data. We know in minutes that a new road has opened up. Anonmyous data about all roads you are driving on. Now for send to Car – In car search to change consumer behavior using Yahoo Local platform.Nearby / Other City / Nearby Destination. Searches for WiFi, iPOD, Gas Prices. Possible consumer ads, combining community pictures, rate them.

Lightning Talks (5 minutes a speaker)
The Internet-connected Location Future – Sam Altman, Co-founder and CEO, loopt

Social network – wher are you and what you are doing. Auto alerts from a polygon around you. Group proximity messaging for Dinner anyone – very important. Sharing journal, location, picture, rating. Still figuring out privacy and safety rules. Interop.

Walt Doyle, uLocate Communications (now Where) – Past projects Mapquest Find me, Helio buddy beacon. Complex launches with carriers since 2003 – Where is an abstraction to publish. GPS and location are locked. But we unlock them with our platform because it is certified on the network. Puts your site on the phone. Gadgets drag on desktop to run on your phone.   Supports KML, Mapufacture GeoRSS widget.

Skyhook Location, Location Everywhere… Jed Rice, VP, Market Development WirelessAny device can be location-aware. Time was past present and future. Now it sync’s satellites and devices. Asset trackers, geotagging photos. We make SD WiFi card for cameras. We drive 1.5 million miles.  7 lines of Javascript to your site to identify its place. What if a camera, knowing where it is can tell you to move 7 feet to right for a better picture. Location will be as ubiquitous as time.

Can the Internet Handle Devices that Know Where They Are ? panel. I like having my history of venues on Dodgeball. Journal must be active.  How do you make location fun? What’s on the other side of the world app. Christopher Schmidt of GSMloc.org collecting cell tower IDs. Can you be a beacon for fellow-hikers? Everytrail let’s you keep a breadcrumb trail including Z.

Mapping in China – Marc Prioleau, deCarta
Stats: LBS 2/3 enterprise 1/3 consumer
Ease of use 49%
functionality 27%
performance 7%
price 6%
Chinese is early market with basic needs: Map Display / Search / Navigation+Routing

Map data is closely regulated, strict export. 8 officially licensed map providers including Navteq and TeleAtlas. . Random geographic shifting of data. All have SHP, some have GDF. 300-500 covered, HWY covered. Big battle is on auality and quantity of POI’s. Attribution & road classification data lag. So you can’t route efficiently.

How does a Chinese person see a map? Localization is an issue. Street labeling. You cannot twist a letter – characters must always be vertical.45 degree angle streets are ambiguous.Big to little, all characters run together. 2 section main street, alley 3, house 5. Routing directions are different.Must do public and pedestrian routing.

A veiled recruiting effort, Yahoo plyed pizza and beer to attendees sitting tight together in hotel chairs to hear a pitch on Pipes. Pipes is Yahoo’s new visual way to create mashups. But the demo did not work well and was apologetically delivered as a way to get there so you can finish up. The pipes model is a nice abstraction, but the UI leaves you with way too much detail – like dragging pictures of a two, a plus sign and a two and press equal sign. Didn’t anyone learn from Smalltalk?

Dodeca camera (pictured above) mounted on VW’s presented by Myles McGovern,  Immersive Media. Amazing capture from moving camera with snowboarders then freezing in the air and looking all around. 360×360. Can be embedded in mapping applications. Cameras that can perform first class surveying. Imagery is an interface, then bring in synthetic objects to add to video model. Started with streets and now are shooting indoors.

CTO Google Earth Michael Jones – Expanding the Geospatial Vision

I will teach you see the invisible, do the impossible. Tricorder Functions – picture, sound, sensor – Michael’s inspiration for Google Earth. Gorn Captain uses Google Earth
Why arent’ they talking about TurboTax. Fabulous to look at the world. Something left out – Where 2 Celebrity of the year. Angelina Jolie has geocode on arm of 4 children.

Google Mission –To geographically organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Page + Geospatial Web.  Web pages are published, indexed, searched, linked. KML Geosearch Attribution.  Mapplets. Geoindexing of books. Shows Apple iPhone which most of the billions will jump to. Not PC’s.

Scott Dunlap, CEO, NearbyNow. Devices that self-locate. Nearby Now enabled 900,000 SKUs on sale at a mall. A search engine for cell phones, kiosks. Self-location (Vindigo-style) makes sense when the context is right, location is understood – works well in malls like Valley Fair for example. Text VF to Nearby(632729). Sweepstakes daily prizes, Spotlight special – can create stampedes – must take into account the store and the prize, near point of sale. Can only send 2 offers an hour. 3 will not work all over the US. The power of nearby and now is in 50 malls. Reserve this product. Thanks to American Idol for teaching people to text message vote. On-site search is about “sale” as opposed to Web. The power of place – search engine switch of relevance – not web hits that mean nothing. Merchants are not used to that you can sell “now”.

Lightning Talks

Mor Naaman, Yahoo! Research Berkeley – Flickr, Text overlays representing picture geotags.
tagmaps.research.yahoo.com Photos+Mobile+Location.Zurfer. ZoneTag, cell tower database.
FireEagle – WhereCampSF at Yahoo. www.yahooresearchberkley.com

Christian Dwyer, Mapquest ActionScript 3 API. Uses Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash for Location-enabled Rich Internet Applications. 97% Internet desktops run flash. Tool builder boxes to create map objects.

GeoVector: The Power of Pointing – Peter Ellenby. Point your phone. 2.1 million devices. GPS with digital compass. Point at restaurant and get the data on it. Point at billboard and find out where it is playing and buy tickets. On beach, point at bridge and find out about it. View 1906. games virtual characters in real world.

Michael Graham shows the Crisis in Darfur on Google Earth

Pinspot, Rolling Out a Sensor Network – Bill Weekes. The business community is looking for nearfield experiences. As you move through a space, in a circumstance, how might information change. What do you want to know? Here is your gate you have x minutes. Bluetooth routers for cell phones. Everything has a digital presence. Nearby means something.

Reach of TV
Accountablity of the Web
Personalizaton of Email
Precision of Direct Mail
Protablity of Cell Phone
Multi-media options of digital media.95% devices have BT. 14-34 age demographic. Car companies are doing 8 second commercials in Europe. Phone formatting issues regardless of carrier type.

Finally Janet Abrams, www.elsewheremapping.com Director, University of Minnesota Design Institute since 2000 exhibited geoartists. It would have been more interesting to have her in the morning, and a different closure for the end of the show.
Powers of Ten (movie)
Invisible Cities (book)

#end of conference


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