Critique of Talent on the Internet

Jeff Jarvis liveblogs, saving us readers travel time to be present for Barry Diller’s views. Pausing on this commonly asserted judgement that critiques the talent of the Internet. When your mom calls, you don’t think “wow, her voice-authoring tool skill is weak, she should go to radio school?”.  We get The Call. Getting the message, that is – the mediation in whatever form is our translation because connection matters most. What the Internet delivers. The mind treasures source, and senses mediate. Have you ever listened to late night AM radio and stuck with it?

With all media able to connect – video too – an evolving personal networks seeks out realtime senses of presence and emotion. Not the phoney glitz. Production values do not connect friends. No matter how the media is committed. For whom do the non-existent meows of unhearded cats annoy? The Internet is a network and means to both social and artisitic work, but it is fundamentally for everyone to hear the hums and see the sights of people in whatever form.