2007 CES / MacExpo Actually

I walked 4 days of miles at CES in Vegas (and watched engadget.com for MacExpo wishing the iPhone were here). Vegas, once the place for Comdex, is now consumed in miniature consumer form factors to the point of invisibility. It is striking what is going on in the wireless space. Digging through the Microsoft booth, the coolest hidden thing was Sprint demonstrating wireless broadband (3.1 MBPS) on a USB dongle with GPS. The GPS is built in all for $49. The Sprint demonstrator shows a chewing gum pack sized USB modem feeding  Microsoft Live Map data from its WWAN feed and located by its GPS antenna. Of course it locates on any Internet mapping service.

Next item was SlingMedia’s booth. First of all Sling on a cell phone was awesome – almost as good as the Verizon MediaFlo solution, but you get to see your own content! With SlingCathcher you get IP in. That means your Slingbox media center can play from computers and other Slingboxes. Another IP TV. 

Shown by Engadget, the Apple iPhone promises an extraordinary leap for the cell phone industry. Finally a communications interface, a good use of mobile data. No 3G, Apple proudly declares, ok – as long a I can make a good call first and sync with my calendar second. Then next year give me HSUPA. Not sure how Apple got Cingular to implement the Add caller circuit switch function, but that’s worth the price of the phone to me. And easy to use. The Bluetooth keyboard profile should complete it as a mobile notes station.


2007 CES / MacExpo

Jarvis  points out that Sling’s IP in and IP out is an industry changing phenonmenon. But I disagree that all screens are created equal. HDTV surround sound fixes viewers, while cellular TV keeps veiwers on the go (see Verzion MediaFlo at CES!) The finality for consumers will be great service and a user interface as good as TIVO. The Apple ITV is not near the level yet.  I love Tivo and have my fingers crossed that Sling will match cool tech with cool experience. Of course this year’s 7.2 MB wireless broadband play – the wireless Internet straight to your anywhere box – is the real way to go.