The Future of TV vs VON

I attended the first and my first Video on the Net conference in Boston this September 2006. Jeff Jarvis writes about the example of VON. For me it was illuminating, provoking, and worth the time spent. Like all great conferences, it is the classic Rendezvous – as Michener described in Centennial where the mountain men – traders, explorers, and scouts shared maps, bragged about their new technology (guns, traps and boats) and mixed it with great social fun. And Video On the Net is certainly an enormous frontier whose discovery will cause great changes in civilization even if the club venue is the Herding Cats.

What impressed me most about both Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Baron was their insistence on sharing and teaching what they know. Here! this is how I built my vlog, this is how I built my station, these are my tools – go do it and let’s build the next Internet community together.  These kinds of personalities and character traits are how you launch technology revolutions.

When you meet them in the flesh – Andrew and Jeff share with all. The TV affiliate model is laid to waste by the sheer reach of the Internet. Realize now that IP TV is the inevitable future. What this means, and Rocketboom is seriously testing the financial and legal waters, is that “syndication” via channeled communities depends on International rather than provincial “rights of the air”. So come learn the New Rules in the making.

The difference between new media rendevous and old media ones that Jeff avoids is that you will get 10 really new ideas at a show like Video on the Net, and at Future of TV you will get a few more justifacations on how to fend off the barbarian when you go before the board and justify a declining budget.


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