Web Stations

The Internet abounds with web servers but today in 2006, I think a web station is the better conceptual model. You run it from home along with all your other web activities.  Jeff Jarvis writes  about recent Tivo marketing activities but Think Big is my motto.

When Tivo (IP in) meets Slingbox (IP out) on a cheap server with a first class CPU chasis that can add Terabyte drives (only $560 at Costco now) then you have the grounds for a Home Internet TV Station. From your home beacon – your radio station, your favorite movies, pass through to live TV, HBO, CNN, XM radio, other Internet programming – this all goes out to wherever you are.

Tivo, with its incredible interface, has a basic IP connector into the home that brings down Internet programming like Rocketboom as  you can Tivo Steve Colbert or any other show. Their IP out is very poor compared to Slingbox which is the master of media streaming with its circuitry for IP out of the home.

When the Home Internet TV Station appears I will be ready for it. As long as it has an Apple or even better, a Tivo quality interface.


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