Beyond Bodacious

Iraq Death and Fashion

War news and its real events are gruesome, but the chyron at the bottom of TV makes me wonder who is in the control room? Here the picture of the killed Husseins is the backdrop for the dancing Chyron that reads “Beyonce hates being called bodacious.” Reading between the Chyrons, you see control room feeders and timers as newsmakers, not the news itself.  

In the broadcast control room, Sadam’s hanging erdict outweighs the suppression of James Baker’s critical Iraq Study Group reports – so as not to influence our national election. What you are supposed to see, pictured large and what you are imagining you are seeing contrast with the writing is sometimes laughable. It makes you wonder who is beyond the screen in the control room. A circus master of the three ring circus or robot imbeciles?

What American Chyron’s will dance under the hanging of Saddam? POLICE STEP UP SECURITY MEASURES FOR PARIS HILTON … “LOST” RATINGS TIE “CRIMINAL MINDS” … Anything but these slider-based political tags are Chyron material.

Control room generated Chyron madness is everywhere. Movies on TV emblazon logos, zoom in previews. Turner takes Chyron irrelvancy to new heights. The emotions one is led to feel in a moving film are easily cut off when a tearful Lauren Bacall has a small NASCAR pit crew come in on her shoulder to change tires.

The mix of the TV signal with the AD signal is a peculiar modern art form. The US commercial interval breaking in every 15 minutes is now fractalizing so that the Chyron proscenium dances around every center stage. The 3 ring circus equalizes all events. The environment is designed to distract, if not confuse. At least on a newspaper layout, the mismatch of unrelated stories can be considered distinctly given time. But to pile on stream upon stream on TV it is as if the control room has lost its mind. For it is loosing mine.


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