Throw out the TV?

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip is canceled, one of my viewing friend’s favorite new shows. I see that Comedy Central reversed it’s cancellation on YouTube. Rather than cut their throats, NBC or the owners of Studio 60 could syndicate this on the web. I know I would pay to have it put on my TIVO with commercials. Do you have a favorite show that was canned ? Broadcast-mandated cults will force “small shows”, developing their art, to find the IP address of their fans.

Ok so I went to Tivo to report this cancelation event and they have “community” tabs. Sadly it is entirely what TiVo thinks the community wants to hear. TIVO should be able to:

  1. Give networks a serious blogging – that is, an earful from its members
  2. Have political tools so that members can vote on various media choices and present this to networks.
  3. Produce REAL community tools that give a voice to their fans.
  4. How about an untamperable, audience reflective, voting booth?

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