Telecom Valley Joke

In San Diego, like many large cities, there is a luxury hotel where venture capitalists meet inventors. One evening a wireless device inventor walks through the lobby lugging a heavy suitcase that he drops with a thud. But then he begins to play with this new device. A VC watches. The inventor holds a thin business card that radiates colored light. He taps the screen to read some email, cruises the web.  The concierge sends a guest over who asks him for local restaurants. The inventor holds up the device and taps in the air. The lobby lights dim. “Bluetooth”. He points it at the hotel HiDef TV screen. All of a sudden his face appears as seen from the card. “UWB”. A crowd gathers to watch. The VC is getting anxious. The inventor speaks to the card “I want to show you all some good restaurants in the area” A colorful map zooms to the hotel area where icons are lit with people dining”. “GPS” He taps on an icon and a telecast from a kitchen cam comes up. “WiFi”. In comes a call, he flips the card over, a video call he spends a moment on while the crowd studies the map. “hold a second”, he flips the card over and says “print six copies of the map from here”. The Fax machine at the front desk whirs off the map with directions. “ZIGBEE”. He flips the card back and finishes his call, flips it back and taps on TV icon to show a movie. He mixes in some XM satellite music. “MEDIAFLO”. People start handing over their business cards, and he passes them over the screen, which reads the cards in. The venture capitalist can hardly resist, “Say, I’ll write you a check right now, how much do you want for it?” The inventor says, “Well, this is the only one I ever made. I guess five thousand dollars.” The investor writes the check and darts off proud of his new acquisition. The inventor shouts, “Hey, you forgot something, it’s part of the deal” pointing down at his suitcase. “Well what’s that for?” Says the inventor. “BATTERY”. The VC hangs his head and returns. “ANTENNAS too. You atr smart, but I hope you are strong.”


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