Paper in Hand

Jeff Jarvis lights up the media infrastructure implosion and shows the expense in producing for the old stage.

Another collapse is the final distribution. My newspaper delivery person is often late or a no-show at least ever other month. But my home screen and printer are idle. Often I like to lean back and read paper. On a remote vacation, the front desk would cut and paste the good bits from a few sources and make an edition of no more than 4 pages front and back side. About all I read for breakfast. MIT called this the “daily me” in the 1980’s.

Newspapers should offer variable format “print at home” editions. They can take a note from the way TV guide streams are issued – the same show is issued in 16 character, 32 character, one sentence, one paragraph reviews. The editor fits the block. Only for papers it could be – one page, four page, sixteen page “folios” for home printing. Let the people pay for the ink and paper and stick to the business of finding interesting things to know.


One thought on “Paper in Hand

  1. Sounds like a good idea for a program. News aggregator that lets users choose which sections of which news sites they want to include, then automatically compiles a daily, print format, rss page every morning.


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