The other Royal “We”

The erudite but turgid writings on the topic of editorialists, (a critique of “officially empowered” owner/writers and any other possible voice championed by Interneters)  is a wrinkled fabric on which to spill my guts.

  • We disdain the privilege of the press pass.
  • We oppose editorial features without face, afraid of fingerprint.
  • News royalty must take off their hoods for you wear nothing of value.
  • We demand old media should learn from new – TV anchors are faces of institutions incarnate.
  • We think the letters from the named should be in larger print than the unnamed. And let us chose the fonts of our own character.
  • We are not the Public, but single letter writers, one at a time. You are public and plural. We respect identity.
  • We will report on everything and boldly go, brazenly see, and risk our being where you will not.
  • Media institutions must measure and display their audience so We have the power to change the pie chart of our most common budget.
  • All Media must open the their morgues and bring out the dead. Instead of putting $ on the eyes of the corpses, they must free the spirits of the past and give them to search engines, Wiki and the world brain.
  • We will write our own letters, we will write, for We are the willing.

Manifesti are on my mind and I collect the worthy here. Let me know of other good ones.  And by the the way, the other Royal We is You.


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