Rosetta Stone of Media

“How does one media convert to another? When you have something, do you show it, say it or write it?  Find out at 11. Find out which new medium is best. Find out at on news at 11. On ipid.”

Jeff Jarvis takes his privileged position as a media journalist and records a segment for CBS News then does the same on his Mac on his desk. Between the station and the server, the medium and message are arguably equal intents. The problem is the proscenium. Leaning back in the seat, we are aware of who else is in the theater. The audience is the feedback loop[link to come] of the network. But I digress, the issue is media.

The Jarvis experiment is the first line of a media Rosetta stone. That is to say, a place to study a fundamental transformation of media. Does A = A ?

The effect comes before the cause as Marshal McLuhan helpfully observes. It is a rule of media composition for an artist and a rule in communication practise that you should understand the effect you want to have on your audience. Ah,  but which arrow in the media quiver to string? From the studio-lab, which media combination to fire in the crucible? The effect is all. “The Medium is the Massage – An Inventory of Effects” 1967. Bottom line. The inventory of McLuhan effects are the chapters of the multimedia Rosetta stone that work as the iconic hieroglyphs of the station and the fluid phonetics of the server.

Another effects explorer, the “faceless” Andrew Baron of Rocketboom is currently at conferences beeing around new media minds. The noise is his mirror and he still sees information, entertainment, and belonging.

Good beginnings. As it was said in 196 BC on The Stone in the medium of your choice to anyone – “may the gods reward you with health, victory, power, and all other good things, may sovereignty continue to you and your children forever.”


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