So what is 4G? Wireless Internet, pure digital, pure packets, pure IP, and on the go. Whereas 3G cellular mixed circuit-switched voice with various digital data protocols, 4G is pure digital. 4G=IP everywhere. 

The G business is owned by carriers, but beginning with 4G they fully acknowledge IP and the Internet. They show WiFi as the stationary boat anchor that it is. On one hand. On the other they have to roam in and out of WiFi space only 100 Khz away. WiFi beautifully connects the world brain in its pure digital format over the Internet which by defintion is everyone’s computer connected. Transient roaming will travel between billing models, between the always free and the always paid. 3G has begun and 4G completes the total liberation of Internet content for the sending and the sent. 4G heralds the age where the station will meet the server. And it will neccesarily force the DOJ to overule the FCC to change law regarding the public interest.

In Time – 4G will arrive in the mainstream in 2010. The rule of G’s is that each wireless cellular generation principally runs 10 years. Our era of 3G is from 2000 – 2010.

Effects of the new media – 4G increases the frequency of production and consumption. 4G tightens the feedback loop making the world or challenge and response smaller still. 4G gets to real touch. In the digital nowness of all mediating devices, there is still need of of the artful edit to save us time and save us space.  5G is multispectral but that is another story.


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